Sticky: The rules of the DIH projects

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Sticky: The rules of the DIH projects

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:04 pm

1) Yes these DIH projects are mainly for B Tech students

2) They are out of curriculum .....or rather as per the new curriculum .....where students are encouraged to take up such projects which are out of syllabus but under the Design and Innovation Hub DIH of the Institute. The selection of these projects are done internally at the Institute.

3) We are supposed to be external mentors who would review such projects and if they are in our domain then guide them to reach better outcomes.

4) It is not compulsory to take up DIH projects for mentoring at this stage. New projects would be constantly coming up and they could be in our domain. We could also suggest projects for the next academic year that we could guide. Only those who can deliver must go ahead and volunteer. However if you feel that these set of projects are not in your domain you must say so like Prof Sarbadhikari.

5) The main objective is currently to build rapport and confidence level in projects we where we can help with both the Professors as well as the students involved, so we need to proceed with our eyes open but at the same time not be too conservative....for there will not be any perfect project....just like there is no perfect job. Let us be pragmatic and try help where we can.


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